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YYU Legal has advised the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, which is backed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey, on its entrance into an Event Promotion Agreement with the World Rally Championship Promoter GmbH, a Red Bull subsidiary, regarding Turkey's participation in the World Rally Championship organization.

“Parallel proceedings” are disputes between the same and/or related parties in the same or related disputes in different forums. Parallel proceedings usually arise when court and arbitration proceedings are commenced simultaneously to resolve the same case or a case that will in some way affect the other. Disputes arising out of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, in particular, come under the spotlight in Turkey in the context of parallel proceedings.

Schoenherr has successfully advised the association of Turkish freight forwarders and Istanbul Lojistik on an EU law infringement case against Hungary, which requires Turkish freight forwarding companies to obtain a transit permit — some issued at no charge, most requiring the payment of a vehicle tax — to transport goods across its territory. 

Paksoy has advised Condair Group AG, a Swiss manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification devices and systems, on its October 26, 2018 entrance into a share purchase agreement and shareholders agreement with Gokhan Yalinay to establish a joint venture in Turkey.

A condition precedent, for the purposes of this article, shall be defined as a condition, only upon whose fulfillment closing of a transaction will be made by the parties. In a share deal, the parties may agree upon certain matters to be designated as conditions precedent for the closing, these may arise from the laws, agreement between the parties, specifics of the transaction and/or activities of the target. In this article, we will only touch upon certain conditions precedent which may become mandatory under Turkish laws.

Following the enforcement of the new Communiqué on Pricing of Human Medicinal Products last September, the Ministry of Health (“Ministry”) rolled up its sleeves for a new regulation concerning human medicinal products: The Regulation on Manufacturing Plants of Human Medicinal Products (“Regulation”). 

The commercial legal markets of Central & Eastern Europe didn’t appear automatically. They didn’t develop in a vacuum. They were formed, shaped, and led, by lawyers – visionary, hard-working, commercially-minded, and client-focused individuals pulling the development of CEE’s legal markets along behind them as they labored relentlessly for their clients, their careers, their futures. 

Early this year, on February 6th, 2017, the Ministerial Cabinet has published its decision on Pricing of Human Medicinal Products (“Decision”) and announced that the requirements of the Communiqué on Pricing of Human Medicinal Products (published in 2015) that do not conflict with the Decision, shall remain applicable.