Makarov Law Office Merges Into Nektorov, Savaliev & Partners

Makarov Law Office Merges Into Nektorov, Savaliev & Partners

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A team consisting of 10 lawyers and assistants from the Makarov Law Office specializing in assistance in complex court disputes and bankruptcies has merged with Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners, with Makarov Managing Partner Roman Makarov joining as a partner.

Roman Makarov graduated from the Legal Department of St. Petersburg State University in 2003. After working in-house for several years, in 2007 he moved to private practice, where, according to an NSP press release, "he represents interests of big businessmen in courts and commercial arbitrations." In addition, NSP reports, "Roman is a member of Boards of Directors of a few companies."

In that same NSP press release, Alexander Nektorov is quoted as saying: “Roman is a true professional having a fundamental approach to affairs. It is worthy of note that the Makarov Law Office administrative structure was like a Swiss watch. Every single thing is at its own place, every employee knows his or her business and it seems that everything works independently. I think that we have experience to share with each other and reach each other with best practices."

Makarov brings with him lawyers Angelina Skorobogatko, Dimitry Nurzhinsky, Ilia Rachkov, and Egor Kondratenko. According to NSP, the new team, which will be managed by Partners Ilia Rachkov and Roman Makarov, "will focus on corporate conflicts, complex bankruptcy processes, commercial arbitration, and international disputes including ones connected with matters [related to the] application of the sanctions."

Roman Makarov said: “We are glad to join to such strong and known team as NSP and become a part of this required and admitted law bureau. We wait that together we will become stronger, acquire new competences and can demonstrate our experience and care to NSP clients and demonstrate our devoted clients advantages of profound specialization using a complex approach."