KIAP Starts Family and Inheritance Law Practice

KIAP Starts Family and Inheritance Law Practice

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Russia's KIAP Attorneys at Law has announced the opening of a Family and Inheritance Law Practice.

According to KIAP, "the opening of a new direction is due to a significant increase of profile requests from current and new clients ... as well as the strengthening of expertise as a result of the successful implementation of a number of projects in this field."

"As part of the Family Law area," KIAP reports, "KIAP lawyers will provide the clients with full support at the pre-trial stage of the process, negotiate and help to protect family assets, and, if necessary, represent their interests in courts of general jurisdiction in all types of disputes, including disputes over the division of jointly acquired property, on the payment of alimony, determination of the place of residence for children and the communication procedure with them by one of the spouses, as well as on the establishment of paternity and divorce in court. Besides, KIAP lawyers will represent the clients’ interests in inheritance disputes, as well as advise on the conclusion of a marriage contract or an agreement on the division of jointly acquired property, including common business."

The practice will be led by Attorney Julia Yanygina, who, KIAP reports, has "over 20 years of practical experience in the field of litigation, including more than ten years in resolving family and inheritance disputes in court and at the pre-trial stage." According to the firm, "in Julia's practice, there are a number of high-profile cases related to the division of the spouses' common property and the procedure for communicating with children. In addition, Julia specializes in pre-trial negotiations of the parties, mediation and marriage contracts."

Yanygina graduated from the Finance faculty of Fadeev Yakutsk Financial College in 1995 and obtained her law degree in 2001 from Moscow State Open University.

“The necessity to set apart the practice of Family and Inheritance Law into an independent direction is due to a large number of ongoing requests from our clients with complex but very sensitive issues related to family, children, common property, and business," commented KIAP Managing Partner Andrey Korelskiy. "In such matters, mediation and the ability to build the negotiation process so as not to bring the case to court are always extremely important, and if the trial is inevitable, to provide qualified assistance, taking into account the interests of all parties as much as possible. We have all necessary capabilities for this - and now, when Julia joined us, it's time to set them into motion."

“I am happy to lead the new practice and hope that my experience will be a good foundation for the development of a new direction. Twenty years of experience has shown me that a well-structured negotiation process can help to resolve most issues without a trial. It is great that we have a common vision in this and other important issues, which means we are seeing eye to eye with KIAP, and so we have many important tasks and interesting projects ahead, ”added attorney at law Julia Yanygina.