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NGL Symbio Law Firm Alliance Prepares for Operational Launch in CEE

NGL Symbio Law Firm Alliance Prepares for Operational Launch in CEE

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The NGL Symbio law firm alliance has announced its creation in five countries of CEE, and its plans to be fully operational by January 1, 2021.

NGL Symbio's founding members include Poland's NGL Legal, Hungary's Erdos⎜Katona, the Czech Republic's Rowan Legal, Slovakia's HKV, and Romania's Biris Goran.

According to a statement released by NGL Symbio, "we’re moving forward and we are very proud to share that we have cemented our alliance of independent law firms with five partners in the CEE and we have just signed our RoC – Rules of Cooperation – based on our TRAQ values. This team becomes the heart of our alliance and we aim to offer support to our local and regional clients in the global economy. We strongly believe that our model will help regional clients to optimize management processes by making them more transparent, lean, and cost effective. Signing the RoC marks a significant milestone on our way to become fully operational on January 1, 2021."

"I firmly believe NGL Symbio offers a solution that is unique on the market as this alliance structure is built to respect the independence of each member, but at the same time, we are putting in place processes and tools that will allow to us create an organization that will have integrated services necessary to conduct cross-border projects," commented NGL Legal and NGL Symbio Managing Partner Krzysztof Wiater. "In that way, we will create an alternative choice for international law firms. Our offer is directed towards large and mid-market clients operating either locally and/or in the CEE/BBA (Baltics, Balkans, Adriatics) region. Additionally, we are working on an offering for start-up companies which will address specifics for this type of business. Recently, we have formalized our alliance in the CEE with our partners in the Czech Republic – Rowan Legal, Hungary – Erdos⎜ Katona, Poland – NGL Legal, Romania – Biris Goran, and Slovakia – HKV Law Firm, supported by NGL Services in all operational aspects. We believe such a formula is quite innovative itself as alongside the integration of services we are equally focused on building efficiency in operation and project management. Aside from CEE we also developed strong ties in the BBA region, and we are well connected in other jurisdictions (EMEA, APAC)."

Rowan Legal at a Glance

ROWAN LEGAL was founded in 1990 and belongs to the leading Czech and Slovak law firms. The ROWAN´ clients include the largest national and international corporations and public institutions, to which we provide comprehensive legal support in key projects.

ROWAN LEGAL provides full legal support; however they are particularly recognized and regularly highly ranked for expertise in corporate law and commercial law, dispute resolution and arbitration, intellectual property, IT, telecommunications and competition (including public procurement). The strong tax team is also part of ROWAN LEGAL.

ROWAN LEGAL services are based on an expert knowledge of the applicable statutory and case law, and the underlying legal theory, the application of which is continually challenged in the ever-changing business and legal environment.  The members of the team include lecturers at law faculties and authors of expert articles in the various areas we cover. ROWAN LEGAL tries to be the ones forming, rather than following, legal opinions.

Thanks to the long-term presence in the international market of legal services, ROWAN LEGAL has become an exclusive member of MULTILAW for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and long-time membership on its Executive Council facilitates the provision of legal services at the international level.

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