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Sayenko Kharenko Wins GAFTA Arbitration for KAIC


Sayenko Kharenko has successfully represented Ukrainian grain trader KAIC in an arbitral proceeding before the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).

The arbitral proceeding, initiated by a Swiss grain trader, involved an alleged breach of three grain sale contracts for a total amount of about USD 1 million, and KAIC’s counterclaim for the Swiss trader's delay in making payment.

The GAFTA arbitral tribunal agreed with the arguments made by Sayenko Kharenko and declined the Swiss grain trader's claim, while granting KAIC’s counterclaim and finding that the Swiss trader had breached the contracts by unlawfully terminating them.

Sayenko Kharenko’s team was led by Arbitration Practice Co-Head Olena Perepelynska, supported by lawyers Tetyana Makukha and Olesia Gontar.