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JPM Lawyer Becomes Vice President of FIC Real Estate Committee


JPM Senior Lawyer Ivan Petrovic has been elected Vice President of the Foreign Investors Council's Real-Estate Committee.

According to a statement released by JPM, “the main aim of this Committee is to influence the improvement of the legislative system pertaining to real-estate and to establish a dialogue between foreign investors and state authorities.”

The firm also explained that “the Foreign Investors Council is a business association set up to assist Serbia in fully accepting and nurturing a market economy and introducing a system of positive business attitude. By taking an active role in the transition process, FIC contributes to the improvement of the Serbian investment climate, engaging in a dialogue with the stakeholders and voicing the positions of investors.”

Petrovic is completed his legal education at the University of Belgrade in 2004 and was admitted to the Serbian bar in 2008. He specializes in Real Estate and Litigation.

Image source: jpm.rs