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Vegas Lex Completes Project for Delovaya Sreda


The Vegas Lex firm has completed its work for the Delovaya Sreda project, which intends to build a comprehensive technological infrastructure for Russian small businesses.

Vegas Lex was selected in September 2014 by the Delovaya Sreda company — a subsidiary of Sberbank — to advise on the Delovaya Sreda web portal, which was designed —according to Vegas Lex — to "help those wishing to start a business find an effective and interesting way to grow by connecting them with legal, accounting, and other services; the project is designed for those who seek profit-making cooperation with trusted partners, who want to share experience with others and learn from them.”

According to Delovaya Sreda General Director Mikhail Fedorenko, the project provides an infrastructure for creating services, products and solutions for micro and small businesses; educates new business leaders about starting their business and developing it effectively; and helps new entrepreneurs at the start, from company registration to complex IT solutions.

Vegas Lex lawyers evaluated the legal risks and restrictions on Delovaya Sreda's activities., drafted contractual documents covering the relationship between Delovaya Sreda and its partners across Russia, developed the procedure for selecting contractors, and provided assistance in selecting and formalizing relationships with them. Also, the working group for the project drew up a report on the Delovaya Sreda procurement procedure’s compliance with Russian laws and procurement regulations and a list of steps the procedure involves.

The firm’s working group was led by Managing Partner Alexander Sitnikov and Head of Technology and Investment group Alexandra Vasyukhovna.

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