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Everyone is anticipating the parliamentary elections in Estonia that are scheduled for March 3, 2019, says Kuldar-Jaan Torokoff, Partner at Fort Legal in Tallinn, who notes that it is an interesting time to observe the changes proposed by the parties currently in charge, “in order to get attention and votes.”

The Derling law firm in Estonia and Primus, Attorneys at Law, in Lithuania and Latvia have established a new pan-Baltic alliance, which operates in four offices across the three Baltic countries as Derling Primus in Estonia and Primus Derling in Latvia and Lithuania.

The Riga and Vilnius members of the former Derling alliance in the Baltics ⎯ Kronbergs Cukste and Dominas, respectively ⎯ have replaced the former Estonian member of the alliance, the Derling law firm, with Glikman Alvin, and have rebranded as the Levin Law alliance, which they describe as "a new force in the Baltics using the combined strength of established firms."