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SPC Legal Takes Two from Tailors in Vilnius

SPC Legal Takes Two from Tailors in Vilnius


SPC Legal has announced that new Partner Daiva Lileikiene and colleague Edita Barkauskaite have left Tailors to lead the firm's Public Procurement practice.

SPC Legal describes Lileikiene as "a well-experienced lawyer in the fields of public procurement and public-private partnership," and reports that she has "proved her quality in the complex public procurement and PPP disputes, drafting and revising documentation, and consulting clients on various topics related to the public procurement and PPP, also representing them in the negotiation processes."

Lileikiene joins SPC Legal from Tailors, where she spent the last four years, and before that she spent almost two years at Jurex and almost four at MAQS. She obtained her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in 2008 and 2010, respectively, from the Mykola Romerio University in Vilnius.

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