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Hungary - Tax Returns to be Prepared by Tax Authority

Hungary - Tax Returns to be Prepared by Tax Authority


From 2017, the Hungarian tax authority prepares the draft tax returns for the personal income tax based on the amendment of the act on the rules of taxation entered into force on 1 January 2017.

Accordingly, the tax authority will prepare 3.8 million draft tax returns, which will be available online by personal access on the so-called “Ügyfélkapu” from 15 March 2017. Those who have no access on “Ügyfélkapu”, until 15 March 2017 can request the tax authority to send it via post, and it will be also available at the call centers.

The tax authority prepares the draft tax return based on the available data, thus, it is not aware of incomes in relation to which it has not received any information during the year. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the draft whether any amendment is needed, since tax payers remain liable for the correctness of the tax return.

It is important to emphasize that sole proprietors, small-scale agricultural producers and persons subject to VAT payment have to prepare their tax return on their own.  

By Gabriella Galik, Partner, KCG Partners Law Firm

Hungary Knowledge Partner

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